Find Your Perfect Home with Public Records

Public Records Property RecordsIt some areas of the country the housing market has had such a strong rebound that many agents are struggling with finding listings. Homes that have gone back to the bank are languishing in the no mans land of red tape and bureaucracy. Not only does this cause a challenge for realtors, but it also makes it difficult for families looking to relocate or upgrade their homes.  Often times buyers take to the streets to drive around and find homes that are for sale by owner. Sometimes this pays off, but other times you can wind up frustrated when every great home you spot is not for sale.

Believe it or not can help. So let’s say you see a great home two blocks from the  beach and it is absolutely perfect but it’s not for sale! Well, you don’t really know what is going on with that home. Perhaps the owners were elderly and just passed away. Maybe they are having financial struggles and have filed for bankruptcy. Perhaps they’ve just filed for divorce. All of these things often lead to properties and homes being put up for sale.

You can use to search for divorce records, bankruptcy and death records. While these may be uncomfortable topics they are a part of life and often lead to homes going on to the market. If you can get ahead of the realtors and others searching for listings, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll get the home if the price is right.

If you’re able to get a phone number you can call and just mention that you love the home and that if it’s going up for sale you’d love to negotiate a price.

Often times homes are so sentimental. We raise our children there, we lived our lives inside their walls. Sometimes owners really want to have their home go to new owners who will love it just as they did. You never know, and you’ve got nothing to lose!

Happy hunting!