Cutting Costs and Cutting Fraud

Believe it or not, we’ve got some commercial small business customers who use to find out if they’re shipping their online order products to a residential or commercial property. Businesses, particularly eCommerce find it helpful to search  for address verification. Some carriers actually charge more if the “ship to” address is sent to a residence. When a customer is ordering online you can often tell if it’s commercial but many times you can’t. With address verification this removes any doubt so business owners can pass on the extra cost to their customer so they don’t lose money on shipping.

The added benefit of address verification is that it can also help business owners avoid fraud. What if the address you’re shipping your gizmos or books to is fake? Obviously you want to be sure the person who’s ordering from your company is not a scammer.

Not only is our service helping others save money on shipping costs, but it’s also helping them protect themselves from fraud.

This comes into play particularly when credit cards are stolen. Does the shipping address match the billing address on the credit card? Is someone from London using a Pennsylvania credit card to buy a lawn chair? If so, there’s a good chance there may be fraud. Of course in many cases it may not be fraudulent but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Another quick way to check on purchases would be to use the reverse phone search to see who is calling and from where. Does that information match up to what’s on the credit card?

Whatever the case may be we’re always happy to know our services can help small businesses of all kinds avoid fraud and extra shipping costs.

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